Distance / Remote Healings

Distance (also called “Remote”) Healing Sessions can be done if you would like to receive Energy or Shamanic Healing, but are physically not able to come to Purple Cloud. This is a great option for whether you’re stuck at home for any reason, or if you live too far away. You may receive healings in the comfort of your own home or where ever you may be, as long as it’s a quiet space and will not be subject to outside distractions.

What Services are Offered for a Distance Healing Session?

What is a Distance Healing Session?

A Distance Healing session is the ability to perform healing over a long distance when the client and practitioner are not face to face. This long distance can mean anywhere between treating you next door to treating you in Australia.

The theory behind the ability to perform this advanced skill lies in the fact that we are more than just our physical bodies — we also have non-physical elements to our being in the form of energy fields, also known in some traditions as your “aura.” Our energy fields exist in a way that they behave much differently than our current understanding of time and space. The ability to effect a positive healing change in someone far away comes from the notion that we are all energetically connected to each other, and that we must cultivate and develop a higher level of energetic consciousness to be able to transcend time and space in order to make efficacious use of that connection.

Sonny and Nisa have both spent several hours over the years training intensively with their Clinical Qigong teacher Michael Lomax in order to cultivate and understand the nature of energy, and to develop this amazing skill to heal over long distances. In addition, Sonny himself has trained rigorously in distance healings for both Reiki and Shamanic Healing.

What Can Be Addressed in a Distance Healing Session?

As mentioned earlier, our physical bodies extend into non-physical energy fields, and these energy fields contain in themselves multiple layers. Although this can be discussed at length, in short, our energy layers contain our acupuncture points and their associated channels; the energy centers popularly known as “chakras;” and our thoughts, emotions, and memories.

Ideally, the energy contained in your energy fields circulate freely like rivers around your body for health and longevity. However, if you experience any mental/emotional trauma, the energy will stagnate causing mental/emotional, and sometimes even physical discomfort. Distance Healing Sessions address these layers of your energy fields in order to allow for proper circulation of healthy energy, and to achieve homeostasis. The common things addressed in distance healings are:

  • Emotional and Spiritual Wellness projects such as stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD to name a few
  • Conditions related to stress and anxiety, such as migraines, insomnia, and stomach pain
  • For shamanic healing, virtually all the symptoms indicated in the various forms shamanic healing that Sonny offers. For more information on this subject, go to the Shamanic Healing page >

purple cloud center for eastern medicine rogers park acupuncture shamanic healing shamanism spiritual energy reiki qigong chicagoHow is a Distance Healing Session Conducted?

In an Energy Healing session with either Sonny or Nisa, we will need to communicate via video call (Zoom or Google) in order to discuss what you’d like to work on, to coach you on a more energetic-awareness lifestyle, and to teach you how to cultivate energy through the methods of Qigong. During the actual Energy Healing session, we will pause the video call and do the healing with you simply laying down and relaxing.

In a Shamanic Healing session with Sonny, all healings must be done through video call (Zoom or Google), as the nature of this healing is an active participation by both the client and Sonny. More on Shamanic Healing Here >

What Sensations Can Be Expected During and After a Distance Healing Session?

Everybody is different, according to their sensitivity to energy, receptivity, level of relaxation, ability to stay present, and so on. Some people feel tingling or emotional shifting (such as the urge to laugh or cry), and some people don’t.  Some people feel the healing effects right away, and for some people it make take up to a week to feel any effect. But just because you may not feel anything doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. Because we work on the energetic level, healing is occurring in the energetic field first before you may feel them on the physical body, and that may take a few days to feel.

After-Treatment Clearing Stage

You may be aware of emotional mood swings, pains, cold symptoms, fatigue, and any sensations or moods that may feel uncomfortable. This is actually all part of the healing process in which you’re clearing and processing out old, toxic, and stagnant energies. It may last a few hours, a few days, and even weeks. Just make sure you stay well fed, well hydrated, and well rested. After it is all cleared, you will start feeling brand new. But if things get too uncomfortable for you, then you may always feel free to contact Nisa or Sonny for after-care coaching.

What is Required in Order to Have a Successful Healing Session?

Before and during the treatment:

  • Come to the treatment with an open mind and open heart
  • Be in a quiet and calm place where you will not be bothered
  • Make sure you have a relaxing place to sit or lay down
  • Relax! Don’t think too hard or try to hard to feel anything!
  • Maintain awareness of your breath and the sensations associated with breathing (how the air feels in your lungs, etc)
  • For shamanic healing clients, if you are going through a severe emotional/spiritual wellness condition, it is required that you be under the care of a therapist before working with Sonny

After the treatment:

  • Stay well fed with healthy foods
  • Stay hydrated
  • Stay well rested
  • Maintain awareness of your physical body and emotional wellness
  • If the after-treatment clearing stage becomes too uncomfortable please contact Nisa or Sonny for after-care coaching

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