Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing for Spiritual and Emotional Wellness

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Sonny and his shamanic drum

Ever since Sonny started Purple Cloud he had been trying to research and develop ways to provide deeper healing for his clients, especially in the realm of emotional health. In providing energy healing, he realized eventually that although Clinical Qigong and Reiki can heal on very deep levels, there seemed to be something even deeper. Sonny soon found that the various forms of bioenergy (or “Qi”) are not only the driving force behind human existence, but they also have their own consciousness, too! And that’s where Sonny began studying shamanic healing in 2016.

Shamanic healing is a spiritual and healing practice based upon the belief that deep behind our physical and emotional ailments is a spiritual dimension that must find harmony through the facilitation of a shamanic practitioner. Over the years Sonny has been trained to recognize that illnesses (especially emotional wellness) not only have an energetic component to them, but much of these components are very much alive.

Therefore, the shamanic healing treatments will be much different than the other forms of treatment offered at Purple Cloud in that there will be active participation (in the form of verbal communication) of the client to find and mend the spiritual source of suffering.

Healings offered by Sonny are:

  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Intrusion Extractions
  • Compassionate Depossession

Each session may or may not be fully integrated with acupuncture and/or energy healing, and each requires full active participation and communication between the client and Sonny.

*Shamanic healing is a powerful and direct way to address spiritual causes of illness, but is not a replacement for regular medical advice or treatment. Due to the incredibly deep nature of this healing technique, it is absolutely mandatory that those with severe emotional wellness conditions be under the care of a therapist before working with Sonny.

**Please see at the bottom of the page for clarification on the terms “shaman” and “shamanic practitioner.”

Shamanic Journeying

On the most fundamental level, shamanic journeying is a way of communicating with your inner self (or spirit self) in order to gain insight about virtually any aspect of your life. At Purple Cloud, Sonny will facilitate your shamanic journey by providing a safe, tranquil space, and assisting you in finding your inner spiritual guides who have been waiting to guide you along your life’s path.

Along with using a particular acupuncture technique, Sonny will be drumming at a constant, even beat to provide an effective way to induce a transcendental state, from which you will be traveling to the “non-ordinary reality” of your inner planes of consciousness. This non-ordinary reality contains the divine realms where you will find your guides and gain various insights from them. Sonny will teach you how to ask your guides questions in order to make the most of your journey. Most novices that Sonny has worked with have successfully journeyed on their first attempt!

There are different states of Non-ordinary reality, but at Purple Cloud, you will be lead to either of the two divine realms of existence that are called the Upper World and Lower World. The Upper World is a divine realm high up in the heavens. There you may encounter loving and compassionate spirits of light, such as angels and other etheric beings. The Lower World is a divine realm filled with beautiful forests, waterfalls, mountains, hills, ponds, lakes, and oceans where you will encounter loving and compassionate beings such as animals waiting to greet you and guide you on your life’s spiritual journey.

Many people do shamanic journeys for several reasons, which include:

  • To reconnect with your inner/spiritual self
  • To gain insight on an issue you’d like to know more about
  • To clarify your life’s purpose
  • To access a higher power
  • To find personal help and healing
  • To reconnect with your ancestral guides
  • And much more

Shamanic Extraction Healing

A shamanic extraction healing is the removal of displaced energy, usually called “curses,” but are technically “intrusions.” An intrusion is energy that doesn’t belong in your body, which may be the cause of emotional, spiritual, and physical disharmony. Intrusions become lodged in your body through conscious or unconscious thought projections from either other people or even from yourself. They have a strong unhelpful effect on your body when you receive them from others, however, intrusions can easily be done to yourself via your own patterns of thought that have become harmful over years of negative self-talk and poor self-image, or from living in an emotionally toxic environment.

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Shamanic Healing

These invasive spiritual energies may be causing pain or inflammation in the body that can either be localized or may move around, but refuses to be healed or oddly is prone to re-injury. Most of the time, the inflammation or pain experienced will be diagnosed by Western Medicine as “psychosomatic.” Sometimes there’s feelings of fatigue and weakness, or emotional wellness conditions such as depression, anxiety, or anger, with a feeling of vulnerability and a loss of power. Some people feel as if they’re being “targeted” by an angry person at work, family, or social situation; or a feeling that there’s an energetic “cord” attached to you by an obsessed person. A longterm intrusion may turn into chronic illness.

At Purple Cloud, a shamanic extraction healing with Sonny will involve a relaxing acupuncture treatment, a possible shamanic journey to find the intrusion(s) in the body, and the energetic extraction of the intrusion(s). This is usually followed by short guidance on how to protect yourself from further intrusions, as well as how to integrate your newfound helpful energies into your body.

Compassionate Depossession

There are times when after experiencing soul loss (see Shamanic Soul Retrieval above) or other traumas, there is a feeling of being overshadowed by thoughts, feelings, and even addictions and actions that feel like they’re not explicitly yours. This may be a situation where a suffering being may have attached themselves onto you. A suffering being is usually the spirit of another person who has passed away, but has not moved on to “the Light” to complete their transition into a peaceful afterlife. Sometimes suffering beings were not able to cross over into the Light because of the nature of their death: they either died too suddenly or too violently, and are too confused or too angry to completely cross over; or they’re still too emotionally attached to the earthly realm of the living, and for any reason they don’t feel they’re ready to cross over into the Light. Suffering beings may cling to you and overshadow your thoughts, emotions, and actions in several different ways, mainly because they will see an “opening” in your body’s energy field due to soul loss, upon which they will attach themselves. Hence, this situation is called an “attachment.”

Attachments by suffering beings are also known as “possessing spirits.” At Purple Cloud, Sonny is careful not to use the word “possession” because the fictionalized and overly dramatized depictions of extreme cases shown in Hollywood may bring unnecessary anxiety to clients. Most attachments are nothing like what movies depict, and most attachments are not what we would call “demons” either. In fact, the suffering beings who may attach to you are typically departed loved ones or ancestors. Attachments, although they sound frightening in nature, are actually quite common, and a natural occurrence. Some suffering beings actually want to help, but don’t realize they’re draining you of your energy.

The symptoms of an attachment normally include:

  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Hearing voices or having intrusive thoughts that don’t feel like your own
  • Depression, Anxiety, Obsessions
  • An onset of phobias that don’t relate logically to any life experience or event
  • Phantom pain or symptoms of illness that are not medically diagnosable
  • Inexplicable mood swings, personality shifts or irrational thoughts
  • Substance abuse, binges, or uncontrollable addictions
  • A sudden string of bad luck
  • Sudden personality changes
  • Dark thoughts
  • Poor concentration
  • Sudden drops of energy
  • Chronic fatigue (if the attachment were there for some time)
  • Sudden urges for sex (including irregular, uncharacteristic, abnormal sexual attraction to others)
  • An emotional/physical reaction to reading this entire webpage
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Sonny with renowned shamanic teacher Betsy Bergstrom

It is important to note that although the nature of most attachments are of human spirits, some may be non-human preternatural beings. In any case, the healing method that will be done by Sonny at Purple Cloud will be called Compassionate Depossession.

Compassionate Depossession is a method created by Sonny’s teacher Betsy Bergstrom ( designed to take a more modern and peaceful approach to depossess suffering beings from your body. As opposed to “exorcisms” (usually done by Christian/Catholic priests) that are more forceful and combative in nature, and end up hurting the client as well, Betsy says, “the Compassionate Depossession method is a humane way that benefits both the client and the attached suffering being. The compassionate healing embedded in this practice insures that a possessing spirit becomes unable to return to the host or to anyone else.” Therefore, Compassionate Depossession is a heart-centered way to liberate both the client and the spirit from suffering, by liberating the client from the being, and liberating the being to finally find peace and happiness by crossing into the Light.

At Purple Cloud, a Compassionate Depossession session by Sonny may include a preliminary acupuncture treatment designed to help calm the client. Then depending on the client, the acupuncture needles may be removed or left in, and a “talk session” will follow in order to communicate with both the suffering being and the client to facilitate the gentle and loving separation. This is a kind and gentle process and poses no danger to the client.

After the session, some clients feel relief immediately, but most require a “reintegration” period, for which Sonny will give the client guidance.

**Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual path and healing methodology known to humankind. Many say that shamanic healing methods have been around for over 100,000 years, and have been practiced all over the globe since the dawn of human civilization. Although shamanic healing practices appear different all over the world, the work is universal across all cultures in that the shaman, in their higher consciousness state, communicates with a greater spirit to provide healing and comfort to those in need.

The word “shaman” is a word that comes from the Siberian Tungus tribe that means “one who sees in the dark,” but loosely and universally translated as “spiritual healer.” The word “shaman” is a Euro-centric word that popularly (but not altogether correctly) describes people who are deeply embedded within an indigenous society, whose main job is to provide healings for those in their community.

“Shamanic practitioners” are those who practice methods taught by shamans, but are not associated with indigenous societies. Sonny therefore chooses to call himself a “shamanic practitioner” or “spirit worker” in order to respect all indigenous people by consciously avoiding cultural appropriation.