YogaPurple Cloud is proud to announce that we’re now offering periodic yoga workshops featuring guest instructor Lucie Herman!

Lucie is a Registered Yoga Teacher, and will be teaching yoga to honor the natural cycles of our bodies and our planet. You will learn how to do the physical yoga to prepare the body for the stillness of meditation. Class includes standing and seated meditation, dance-like movement, sun (and lunar) salutations, group and partner yoga and deep stretching to soften and open the body and mind to a greater potential. Hopefully this class will be like no other yoga class you’ve taken or heard of before.

Wear truly comfortable clothes you can freely move, play and relax in! Bring a yoga mat if you have one!

UPDATED (9/26/2017)

Next classes available:

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Classes will be a sliding scale of $10-$20 per class, please bring cash or check. There will be a limit of 8 students per class, so book soon!

About Lucie

laughing-cafe-passeLucie Herman is a RYT and practitioner of Yoga for life. She grew up in the chosen lineages of her mother who brought eastern medicine, yoga and diverse spiritual traditions into the home.

Trained at Heaven Meets Earth Yoga Studio and RYS in 2014 she found herself teaching predominately with kids and families. Her goal is to help make Yoga accessible (and truly enjoyable) to all people of all ages, types and abilities. Secretly she cringes at sitting still and prefers dance as a form of meditation.

She incorporates an innumerable and growing list of disciplines and sage wisdom into her practice (and teaching) and hopes to share it all with you.