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Sonny is the best! He is funny, caring, intuitive, a skilled listener, and just enough of a nerd to really get me, haha. (Seriously, check out his Instagram. You might catch him singing, skateboarding, or laying down messages of how to be kind & just in the world.)

When I’m in Chicago, I’ve seen him in person for acupuncture, cupping, and bodywork. When not in Chicago, I’ve gotten distance healing from him, and *wow*. Even from a distance, he was able to help with back pain, and with an anxiety-related breathing difficulty I didn’t know I had. He takes the time to listen and really engage with his patients, and we are lucky to have him.
– Jennifer K.

Sonny has been healing me for years. His treatments are effective, thoughtful, and reflect his range of experience in various modalities (and lived experience). Purple Cloud is a hidden gem!
– A.M.W.

If I could give Purple Cloud a six star rating I would. I am continually surprised at how Sonny and his treatments have been so life changing for me. Not only has Sonny made my chronic, sometimes incapacitating neck pain now manageable, but he has also been able to successfully treat just about every other medical issue I have dealt with over the years. His space is so incredibly warm and inviting that just laying on his table prior to treatment is a relaxing experience. And his prices are more than reasonable. If you have been thinking about acupuncture you will be more than satisfied after a treatment from Sonny.
– Donna B.

Sonny is such a wonderful practitioner! He takes all the time necessary to listen to health problems, asks thorough questions, and responds with kindness. He has a solution for every health issue I have brought to him, and he always gets me back on track and feeling my best. I highly recommend Sonny and Purple Cloud!
Rachel R.

Sonny is an exceptional healer and such a valuable community resource. He looks at wellness holistically and treats patients on many levels. I am so thrilled to have discovered such a gifted and thoughtful practitioner. I highly recommend all of his services, I guarantee that your life will definitely change.
– Jupiter J.

Sonny truly cares about his patients and is willing to go the extra mile to help them heal. He is an expert in eastern medicine and is constantly working to expand his knowledge about treatment plans. I strongly recommend his services!
– Lisa D.

If I could post 100 stars, I would! I have a Masters in Nursing and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather make an appt for my chronic back, hip and sciatic pain.

Long story, short: I was thrown from a horse years ago. Now I have deterioration of spinal cartilage and nerve pain. I’d seen other practitioners (MDs, PTs, Chiropractors, etc.). No consistent relief 😦 When I moved to Chicago after having regular massage and acupuncture in Hong Kong/China and OMT from highly trained clinicians in the States, I tried various practitioners in Chicago who were not as effective and who were too pricey (as I didn’t have insurance at the time.)

Since my first appt. with Sonny, he has been an informative, mindful and EFFECTIVE practitioner. I haven’t been as mindful, which is why from time to time I go back to Purple Cloud. But when I’m on point with my diet and training and not sitting down hour after hour studying, his treatments are long lasting and leave me free from pain so I can build my strength.

There have been many times I’ve gone into Purple Cloud on the verge of tears, and walked out touching my toes, laughing and being able to hit the gym, ride my bike or just enjoy my life. And when I’ve been down energetically, I inevitably fall asleep during a session and wake up refreshed as if I’ve slept 8 hours. Depression and anxiety build up stealthily when you’re in constant pain. It wears you down and changes your personality. I ALWAYS remember who I am when I leave Purple Cloud. The joy returns as the pain dissipates.

I guess that’s enough. If you’re (or a loved one is) in pain, see Sonny. He’ll handle the rest. And you won’t have to choose between pain relief, groceries or rent when you go.
– RaeGina C.

Wonderful acupuncturist. Very good at his job. His cupping technique is better than I’ve ever had before. He is extremely Knowledgeable, friendly, and in a great space. Clean and professional, very relaxing. I highly suggest making an appointment. I’ve been going only a little over a week and I’m just so happy to have found someone who is extremely into the treatment and great at his job. 100% satisfied and highly recommended.
– Danielle T.

Sonny is amazing!!  He genuinely cares about people getting better.  It’s not just a business for him, it’s calling, clearly.  He has great, calm energy and knows how to listen and tailor a treatment just for you.  I’m an acupuncturist and he’s my top choice of sometime to see when I need a treatment…that should say a lot!! 😀
– Kelly D.

I had a fender bender in June that caused my already bad back to go into mayday mode. I did PT for about 2 weeks and started acupuncture & cupping treatments with Sonny at Purple Cloud. When I first started, I had some gnarly markings on me, but as time has progressed, the markings are less and less severe. Sonny is one amazing practitioner. Unlike others, he’ll patiently take his time with you AND he is truly interested in your well being and providing customized treatments. There’s some energy work and even some channeling of messages from the Divine for you. I can sing praises all day, but this must be experienced first hand to truly appreciate the light & gift that is Sonny. I’ve got a long road ahead of me, but I’m grateful that I met Sonny and that we are working together in this capacity! Highly recommend!
– Esther D.

Sonny provides a wonderfully calm and relaxing atmosphere at Purple Cloud.  His acupuncture work, cupping, and his healing energy sessions have relieved decades worth of my neck and shoulder pain. He is both incredibly professional, and marvelously compassionate & attentive to your needs.  I have felt incredible relaxation during and after his energy work sessions. His work has made such a difference in my mobility and my ability to feel calm and renewed. I absolutely recommend experiencing his positive healing in your life.  Thanks so much, Sonny!
– El R.

Generosity, caring, and healing energy would be the simplest way to sum up my impressions. I am blown away by how much better I feel every time I come here. Sonny is quite laid-back, yet he is always paying attention to how you were doing – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The result is consistently rejuvenating experience. Affordability to boot makes this place a true gem!
– Rahul S.

Purple Cloud Center for Eastern Medicine incorporates energy work, cupping and other magick in his sessions. Super amazing!
– Amara M.

You will never find a better place for acupuncture in Chicago!  Sonny is the most compassionate human being I’ve ever met and really and truly wants to heal people.  I would not go anywhere else for acupuncture, been going for over a year
– Bailey F.

Sonny is the best. Period. I agree with all the wonderful things that are listed in the other reviews here. He is kind, compassionate, and very knowledgeable. I always learn a lot when I have a session with him, and I always feel better when I leave! I can’t recommend him enough!
– Brian K.

Sonny helped me through cancer treatment and subsequently with hormonal issues, allergies, stress and back pain. He is a gentle spirit and an intuitive healer.
– Courtney B.

I was gifted with an acupuncture session with Sonny. I’d undergone acupuncture before, with modest results. However, nothing could’ve prepared me for the deeply transformative experience at Purple Cloud. I didn’t just feel as if my body had been, but my soul, my emotions, and my spirit. Sonny is a gentle, wise, and powerful healer. I’m grateful for our paths having crossed
– Stephen H.

I have personally experienced healing work from both Sonny and Nisa, both of which I would highly recommend seeing! They are both top notch practitioners in the field of Chinese Medicine with a real and direct understanding of the Energy side of Chinese Medicine. All too often acupuncturists get lost amongst the theory and concepts, forgetting that the true healing work comes through direct awareness of Qi energy that is inherent to all aspects of Chinese Medical practice. Amazing healers and amazing people, go see Sonny and Nisa, you won’t be disappointed!
– Ben R.

I visited the Purple Cloud Center today and had acupuncture with Sonny. It was an excellent experience. Sonny is a serious and dedicated practitioner, he has a profound understanding of several healing modalities. He is a healer in every sense of the word. The space is so welcoming and soothing, and treatment rates are quite affordable, too. I purchased a package, and I am so happy to have found this amazing healing center in our city. Very highly recommended! Can’t wait to go back!
– Amanda M.

This is an amazing place!

Sonny is an great listener. This is a quality that I feel makes a great healer. He is very interested in tailoring my treatment to fit my needs, and goes out of his way to make sure that he is addressing the issues that are important to me. I have never felt so calm and relaxed. He is very knowledgeable and is eager to help. I have recommended the Purple Cloud Center to everyone I know. I can’t say enough, this place is the best!
– Aaron G.

I finally found a place and acupuncture treatment that really works. SONNY is such a great person and knows what needs to done to relieve my aches and pains. Sitting and working on these darn computers is really very painful on my neck, shoulders and back, and it seems to all go away after the treatment.

Thank you so much.
– Dorothy M.

Been going to Sonny for about 4 years , I have had many years of acupuncture experiences , I can happily recommend Sonny comparing him to my years of acupuncture.
– Elaine B

Acupuncture should be a relaxing, enjoyable, positive experience that doesn’t break the bank – and this is exactly how Sonny operates his clinic. He’s super chill, down to earth and explains everything in layman’s terms – no flowery, hippie terminology used here! He’s very accommodating and understanding, especially if you’re fearful of needles like I am! The atmosphere is very warm & soothing with soft lighting, music, and of course sanitary & clean. Prices are super, super reasonable. Sonny really cares about his patients well-being and you can trust that how you feel after a treatment is his number one concern.

Purple Cloud is a gem in the Rogers Park neighborhood – he’s by appointment only so be sure to check out his webpage and book your appointments online.
– Stephanie Z.

My wife and I has Been going here for the past 4yrs and it is always been a relaxing experience. From migraine, swollen ankle, smooth pregnancy of my wife Sonny helped us a lot that’s why we keep on coming back!!
– Mark C.

Sonny is absolutely awesome! He makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. He knows what he is doing and even if you are afraid of needles you will not even feel them going in because he is just that good. He just has an amazing aura. His prices are reasonable and he is a wealth of knowledge.
– Rahshonda K.

Sonny is awesome! As someone who is not a fan of needles, he definitely had me feeling comfortable. I chose guided meditation in addition to my accupuncture session and he had me passed out in minutes.

Being a full time Massage Therapist, I sometimes find myself taking on more energy (good and bad) than I can handle. Sonny definitely helped me calm down and recharge.

Will definitely be back as I bought the package!
– Yvette C.

Sonny is amazing. He helped me with a jaw-pain problem I was having. I literally could not open my mouth more than like 1/2 inch. Half way through our session, my mouth just opened and I laughed! “Whoa it just worked!” He is so knowledgable about his practice and so chill to deal with. You’ve got to see him and experience it for yourself.
– Freddie F.

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from all over the world for years. And like another reveiewer, I have had good sessions and terrible sessions. Although I am a former athlete who is currently a martial arts and yoga practitioner, as well as an avid bike rider, who runs a few miles with the dog everyday, I am a big old baby when it comes to needles and pain. I continue with my active lifestyle knowing that if I live with pain it is my choice. With all my hatred for aches and irritation, I hobbled to Sonny’s healing center one day last year and I am so glad that I did. I’ve returned to him for general maintenance,  various new issues, and the treatment of old injuries because he’s impressively gentle, understanding, caring, funny, and so EFFECTIVE.
I have sent many friends his way because the dude is incredible. And he offers the sliding scale in Rogers Park!
– Niche W.

Sonny is a highly skilled and caring professional with a genuine power of healing. Amazing treatment and atmosphere.
– F.B.

Sonny has been a Godsend, truly. I am so grateful to have found Purple Cloud Center. I’ve had great acupuncture and very, very bad acupuncture. Sonny is outstanding. I have a slew of health issues and have been seeing him regularly since April, I am also a life long sufferer of Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Every visit is tailored to my needs at that time. There are the things we always work on and then the things that just need attention at any given appointment. Yesterday I had a HORRIBLE earache. within a few minutes of starting my treatment it had subsided substantially and by the time I got home it was gone. And you don’t just walk in and get a bunch of needles in you and walk out. He always takes his time with you and really cares about his patients, he truly wants to help people and you can tell he really cares about what he does and the people he treats. There is no cookie cutter standard treatment he gives, my husband has gone in and gets something completely different. He also has helped me significantly with breathing techniques and has used guided meditation and even taught me some Tai Chi to help with my anxiety. He has also recommended some herbal supplements that have helped me immensely. I know a lot of people would read something like this and think it sounds fine and dandy, but not even look into it because everyone knows that these things can be really expensive. Well that’s the other wonderful thing. Sonny chose to open his clinic in Rogers Park where he lived as a child. He thought it was something that people in the neighborhood might not know about or have access to. Instead of starting a business and trying to make as much money as possible, he decided to do something most people don’t, offer a VERY affordable sliding scale. He wants to treat whomever needs help and appointments are $25-$45. That’s unheard of. But it makes it accessible to a lot of people who otherwise may never have the opportunity to experience eastern medicine. I cannot recommend this place enough, I come out feeling like I just spent a day at the spa, no joke. You have an injury? Go, You have anxiety? Go, You have a cold? Go, You’re in pain? Can’t sleep? Can’t concentrate? Are tired? Angry? Allergies? Go Go Go Go Go Go! It is the best thing you can do for yourself and you’ll be glad you did! It is appointment only, but same day appointments may be available, so give him a call!
– Ashley G.

A wonderful addition to Rogers Park! As a resident of the neighborhood, I was thrilled to find a business so close to home that offers affordable treatment for stress, anxiety and depression. I happened to walk by the storefront and felt compelled to make an appointment after having previously considered, and abandoned, the idea of acupuncture. Since I started, I’ve seen a steady reduction in my stress and anxiety levels and I attribute it in great part to the care I’ve received here.

From the first appointment, Sonny took the time to learn more about my condition, my concerns, and offered a comprehensive treatment plan appropriate to my situation. My treatment has since included qigong meditation, visualization exercises, and auricular acupuncture. I learn more about Eastern Medicine and its philosophy after each visit, leaving both relaxed and well informed.

Sonny emphasizes the scientific benefits and basis of all treatments, while also stressing the importance of mind/body/spirit harmony (of which I am in great need of!). He is an excellent teacher and practitioner and it’s clear he speaks from the heart when offering guidance and support. His sliding fee scale is generous; he charges around the same as you might find with community acupuncture, but his appointments are on an individual basis. I’m grateful I stumbled across the Purple Cloud Center!
– Laurie W.