The Tao of Art Workshop was a Success!

I’d like to thank everyone who attended The Tao of Art Workshop, and special thanks to art therapist Katharine Houpt of Katharine Houpt Therapy and Counseling for sharing her techniques and knowledge to help make it an amazing experience!



We began the workshop with my brief talk about Taoist philosophy, and how it would relate to the spontaneity of art. I then led us through a short guided meditation to help let go of one’s ego in order to allow the creative energy to flow through us.

Katharine then took the reigns and asked us to note in a short phrase how we’re feeling at the exact moment, and guided us through a series of drawing exercises, including creating lines and circles, drawing each other, and drawing castles. After that, everyone was to draw freely as we played jazz music to truly capture the spirit of spontaneity and improvisation.

When the drawing portion was over, each attendee shared their work and discussed how their mindset influenced what they drew. It was simply inspiring to hear that everyone’s true inner self shined in their work. Everyone had let go of what their preconceived beliefs of what art “should” be, and allowed themselves to shine with a childlike, youthful sense of creativity. But unlike the innocence of a child’s art, what manifested in this workshop was everyone’s innate wisdom and inner brilliance.

It was like watching everyone’s original nature come out right before our very eyes.

Again, I want to thank everyone who participated for such an enlightening experience, and though I observed more than participated, it was quite the spiritual experience for me, and I’m truly grateful! We will do this again, so stay tuned!

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