Purple Cloud Is Once Again Taking New Clients!

Come one, come all! Purple Cloud is once again taking new clients for acupuncture, cupping, and energy healing services!

To schedule your appointment with Purple Cloud, please use our online scheduling system here:


Due to the resurgence of COVID-19 cases here in Illinois, we’re taking all the precautions necessary to protect all of us from this dangerous virus. Therefore, we are only able to take a few clients per day as we’re allowing at least two hours in between clients to deeply clean the surfaces and clear the air. I really wish I can see more of you, but we’re dedicated to protecting all of us in such an unprecedented time!

And remember, if you’re feeling any of the COVID-19 related symptoms below, we must reschedule your appointment!


Purple Cloud and Healing Lessons from Intersectionality

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Announcement: New Services, and Price Change Delayed

Hello friends, Sonny here with another update!

Extended Closing and Reopening

It looks like Governor Pritzker has the “Stay at Home” order in place till the end of the day on April 7th (assuming tentatively), so I had to unfortunately cancel even more of your appointments. Although I’m sure I can make the argument that Purple Cloud is also an essential service in healthcare, I simply don’t have the level of equipment/PPE available to me.

But absolutely most of all, I want to play it safe and continue protecting all of us.

That being said… tentatively… April 8th is the date that Purple Cloud will be reopening! Continue reading “Announcement: New Services, and Price Change Delayed”