Purple Cloud is back, and Sonny brought some bowls!

Hello friends of Purple Cloud, just a quick update for you!

After a very long break, I’m back in the office starting this coming Tuesday, January 26th!

And not only that, but I’m excited to announce that I’m officially going public with the “singing bowl relaxation therapy” that some of you may have had the pleasure of receiving as a part of my experimentation with acupuncture! Continue reading “Purple Cloud is back, and Sonny brought some bowls!”

Love, Thank You, and Happy Holidays

Starting this coming Sunday, December 13th, Purple Cloud will be closed for the holidays until January 25th (at the latest) so I can focus on family, health, and other personal and business projects. Chances are I won’t be gone for the entire time, and I’ll notify everyone when/if plans change.

So right now, I just want to leave you a holiday message. Continue reading “Love, Thank You, and Happy Holidays”

Purple Cloud Is Once Again Taking New Clients!

Come one, come all! Purple Cloud is once again taking new clients for acupuncture, cupping, and energy healing services!

To schedule your appointment with Purple Cloud, please use our online scheduling system here:


Due to the resurgence of COVID-19 cases here in Illinois, we’re taking all the precautions necessary to protect all of us from this dangerous virus. Therefore, we are only able to take a few clients per day as we’re allowing at least two hours in between clients to deeply clean the surfaces and clear the air. I really wish I can see more of you, but we’re dedicated to protecting all of us in such an unprecedented time!

And remember, if you’re feeling any of the COVID-19 related symptoms below, we must reschedule your appointment!