Purple Cloud News – New COVID-19 and the Holidays

Hey friend!

It’s your favorite Acu-Punk Sonny here with some news…

New County / City Restrictions

As many of you may know, Cook County / Chicago Stay-At-Home advisory has some new restrictions that won’t necessarily affect Purple Cloud, especially that I have limited myself to three appointments per day in order to maintain the proper cleanliness of both surfaces and the air.

If you have an upcoming appointment, please know that you may feel free to cancel if you feel uncomfortable. Otherwise, it is yours and my duty to let each other know if we’re showing any signs and symptoms of COVID-19, or if we have been exposed to anyone who has had it.

I’m high-risk, as well as my mother who lives with my family and me, and I definitely will not take any unnecessary risks with your health as well!

So, again, if you have an upcoming appointment with me, please let me know if you feel uncomfortable and would like to cancel, I’ll be happy to cancel/reschedule your appointment for you!

Sonny Will Be Away Soon!

Purple Cloud will be closed from December 13th to January 25th for the holiday season and for self-care. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause! 

Thanks, friend!


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