Love, Thank You, and Happy Holidays

Starting this coming Sunday, December 13th, Purple Cloud will be closed for the holidays until January 25th (at the latest) so I can focus on family, health, and other personal and business projects. Chances are I won’t be gone for the entire time, and I’ll notify everyone when/if plans change.

So right now, I just want to leave you a holiday message.

Ranging from the pandemic to the fight for the honor and integrity of our Black and LGBTQ loved ones, there is so much to say about this past year, more than this platform will allow me. But even though life hit us pretty badly during these unprecedented times, I’m proud to say that Purple Cloud is still here; still standing loudly and proudly.

This year took so much from all of us. But it couldn’t take away the two fundamental things that Purple Cloud was founded on: hope and love.

I want to thank all of you — my friends, colleagues, and client-friends — for continuing to believe in me, and in believing in Purple Cloud. It has always been my mission to make my healing space “A Safe Space For All;” The Flashlight in the Dark; and The Centered Presence Amdist the Chaos.

And it wouldn’t be possible without all of your friendship, strength, and inspiration.

That’s why as a gift, I created a music video for all of you.*

Well… my ukulele needs work, the rattle is off, and my lip syncing is not in sync, but I had fun, and I hope you get the message LOL!

During this Holiday season as I do every season, I wish for all of you happiness and love.

Thank you, friends.

Performed by Lorel “Sonny” Zaide
Written by Milt Gabler for Bert Kaempfert

Originally made popular by Nat King Cole

One thought on “Love, Thank You, and Happy Holidays

  1. That was just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing that. I hope you and Stephanie and your family enjoy a wonderful holiday and many many blessings in 2021. I look forward to seeing you in the new year. Take care. Your friend, Brian


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