New Updates to Purple Cloud!

Hello friends, Sonny here with some news about changes to Purple Cloud!

After some long consideration, Nisa and I have decided to make some changes to the appointments, my new pandemic schedule, and new price, all to be effective immediately.

Also, Nisa will be leaving Purple Cloud soon!


Since the demand for half-hour treatments (acupuncture-only or cupping-only) have greatly diminished, we decided to do away with them completely. We are now only providing full 60-90min treatments. We discovered as well, that our clients who have switched from the half treatments to the full treatments have greatly benefitted from the longer treatments and the healing response has been quickened!

For those who only want acupuncture and nothing else, we’ve found that doing acupuncture on both the front and the back in the same session has quickened the healing response as well.

For those who only want cupping and nothing else, we can include techniques such as energy healing or even vibrational sound bowl therapy (yes, Nisa and I have been using them lately, and the response is phenomenal!) to ease your mind and body to help relax those sore, achy muscles!

*if you currently have half-hour acupuncture-only or cupping-only treatments on our schedule, don’t worry, we will honor your appointment as is, and will talk about your future appointments then!


New Pandemic Schedule

Nisa’s schedule will remain the same, but I (Sonny) will be taking appointments at fixed times throughout the day.

So my new schedule will be as follows:

  • Tuesday-Friday: 11am, 2pm, and 5pm
  • Saturday: 11am and 2pm 



Ever since late-2012, I (and later, Nisa) have had great joy in serving and providing private, one-on-one, safe, highly effective, and highly accessible Eastern holistic therapies to our beloved Rogers Park neighborhood (and beyond!). We’re honored that you have found in us a safe space, and to allow us on your journey to wellness, and continue to do so!

We take great pride in the level of service, care, and attention that we give to you all, and in order to keep up with the growth, quality, and the overall results, we will be increasing our rates effective immediately.

The new price will be $75 per appointment.

Despite the price change, Purple Cloud is still dedicated to making our private holistic treatments accessible to our beloved neighborhood by staying relatively below most prices city-wide!

*for the clients who already have scheduled appointments with me before the issuance of this update, we will keep the $65 rate for those appointments

Nisa is leaving!

And finally, the biggest change of all, Purple Cloud’s beloved Nisa will be leaving for San Diego very soon! Her last day at Purple Cloud will be 10/26!

Nisa and I have been friends and colleagues since our days during acupuncture school, and almost three years after I opened Purple Cloud, I decided to take Nisa on board in summer of 2015!

She’s been an integral healing presence here at Purple Cloud, and myself, her clients, and the Chicago healing community as a whole are going to miss her dearly! But the good news is that she’ll be Purple Cloud’s periodic “visiting” acupuncturist!

Please wish her the best on her move to San Diego!


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