Purple Cloud is back, and Sonny brought some bowls!

Hello friends of Purple Cloud, just a quick update for you!

After a very long break, I’m back in the office starting this coming Tuesday, January 26th!

And not only that, but I’m excited to announce that I’m officially going public with the “singing bowl relaxation therapy” that some of you may have had the pleasure of receiving as a part of my experimentation with acupuncture! Continue reading “Purple Cloud is back, and Sonny brought some bowls!”

Announcement: Upcoming Changes to Purple Cloud!

Hello, friends! Sonny here! I have some big and important news to share about upcoming changes to Purple Cloud! Continue reading “Announcement: Upcoming Changes to Purple Cloud!”

My love for Paris, France.

On the streets of Paris, 2003.
On the streets of Paris, 2003

Back in 2003 while I was living in Las Vegas, my childhood friend James called me from Germany where he was stationed in the Air Force, and told me that he had been taking college courses during his time there and was going to graduate in May, and that he’d love if I were to be there with him while he walks down that aisle of academic achievement. Of course, I exclaimed… I’d never been to Europe, and he was there for my graduation at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, so it’d be an honor to return the gesture of support to be there with him.

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