Announcement: Upcoming Changes to Purple Cloud!

Hello, friends! Sonny here! I have some big and important news to share about upcoming changes to Purple Cloud!

The Continued Evolution of Sonny and Purple Cloud

sonny shamanism acupuncture rogers park chicago
Me and my shamanic drum

As I continue to evolve as a healer, a Dad, a husband, and as an overall person, I continue to encounter new and exciting opportunities to learn more about several different healing methods from around the world, not just from China and Japan. Over the last year, and as a personal pursuit, I’ve been studying deeper aspects of energy and spiritual healing, which naturally led me to studying various shamanic practices from both North America and the Philippines (my heritage). The personal healing that I experienced was so profound that I am pursuing deeper studies in order to provide it to you! Sometime this year, once my teachers and I feel that I’m ready, I will be offering acupuncture treatments that also include several different types of shamanic healings designed specifically to help you realize your highest spiritual destiny. This is super exciting, and I will keep you posted!

Rate Changes

Ever since late-2012, I (and later, Nisa) have had great joy in serving and providing private, one-on-one, safe, highly effective, and highly accessible Eastern holistic therapies to our beloved Rogers Park neighborhood (and beyond!). We’re honored that you have found in us a safe space, and to allow us on your journey to wellness, and continue to do so!

We take great pride in the level of service, care, and attention that we give to you all, and in order to keep up with the growth, quality, and the overall results, we will be increasing our rates effective May 1st, 2020. We plan to extend our current rates to you through April 30th.

Our new rates will be the following:

Acupuncture + Energy Healing — $85 (60-90min)

Acupuncture + Cupping — $85 (60-90min)

Shamanic Healing — ($85) (60-90min)

Needle-Free Energy Healing — $85 (60min)

Acupuncture-only — $55 (25-30min)

Cupping-only — $55 (25-30min)

Despite the price change, Purple Cloud is still dedicated to making our holistic therapies accessible to our beloved neighborhood by staying relatively below market price city-wide!

Thank you

I just want to extend to you, all my clients and friends, my gratitude for giving me such overwhelming support, especially in the past few weeks. As you know from my last post, I’ve been going through a “radical self healing” regimen by cutting my hours and not taking any new clients till April. So far it’s been really good, I’ve been feeling slightly more energized as I have finally been able to add exercise and meal preparation to my schedule. By April, I’m expecting to feel much better, and to resume taking new clients!

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