Announcement: Name / Website Changes, New Service, Coronavirus Thoughts, and Remote Healings!

Hello Friends!

This is Sonny at Purple Cloud here, excited to tell you a few updates! And don’t forget, we will be changing the prices soon as mentioned here >

First of all, thank you for continuing to believe in Purple Cloud, both Nisa and I are truly grateful that you’ve allowed us to be with you in your healing journey!

Name Change

Purple Cloud has officially changed its name from “Purple Cloud Center for Eastern Medicine” to “Purple Cloud Healing & Wellness.” The reason for the change was simply that we no longer practice *only* from the mindset of “Eastern” healing, but we have included influences from all around the world! So now, all of Purple Cloud’s websites have changed!

Logo change is underway too!

There may be interruptions in the transitions!!! So if you have a problem contacting either Nisa or me, just reach us directly through our email, and we will be happy to book your appointment for you!

New Service

purple cloud center for eastern medicine rogers park shamanism shamanic healing acupuncture reiki qigong healing chicagoOver the years since I started Purple Cloud, I’ve been looking for different ways to provide deeper healings for my clients, especially in emotional and spiritual wellness. Almost immediately when I began providing professional energy healing treatments, I began to notice that the bioenergy, as well as all the organs and cells that exist in your body, are more than just “energy,” they all contain their own intelligent consciousness! And so began my studies in shamanic healing in 2016.

And after months of experimentation with your fellow clients, friends, and family, I’m excited to announce that I will now be providing a unique integration of acupuncture and shamanic healing!

More about it on my website here:


Of course as health practitioners, Nisa and I take due diligence in protecting you, your family, ourselves (I have a family and my elderly mom lives with me!), and our families during this uncomfortable time. We will respect your decision to maintain your social distancing if you would like to cancel or reschedule your appointments! However, if you would like to keep your appointments, Nisa and I will be ready for you! We will go to great lengths to make sure that your health, and that of your loved ones, are protected, simply by deep cleaning all the surfaces and instruments shared by Nisa, myself, and you. If you are allergic to sage smoke, please let us know in advance so we do not use it at least an hour before your treatment. We use sage smoke not only to clear the vibes of Purple Cloud, but to also kill any microbes floating in the air! View an article about it here:

*But if you do feel even remotely unwell, or if you have just traveled from an infected area and still within the 14-day incubation (and asymptomatic) period, we advise you to maintain social distancing and reschedule your treatment!

**And if you can come to your treatment, please do the best you can to come alone in order to lessen the probability of passing on the virus asymptomatically to each other.


Distance Healing

For those clients who come to me specifically for emotional and spiritual wellness treatments and still want to work with me, but still want to maintain social distancing, I have great news for you, we can do our energy healing or shamanic healing treatments remotely! In short, especially for shamanic and energy healings, we work on energetic and spiritual levels that are beyond the understanding of time and space. Although separated by distance, healings for us will occur in the energetic and spiritual planes, which are completely devoid of time and distance.

For more about distance healing here:

To book your distance healing with me, or to convert your shamanic/energy healing treatment to a remote healing treatment, email me here:

We love you all! Be safe out there!

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