Announcement: Travel and Schedule Changes

Hey everyone, Sonny here! I just wanted to give you a heads up on a few things happening soon!

Out of Town!

NISA: Nisa will be out of town and will not be available until the first week of February.

SONNY: I will be out of town all next week, returning to the office on January 23rd.

For both of our real-time schedules:

Sonny’s New Schedule!

Also, due to health reasons, I decided that I will not be taking my first client till 1pm. So if you check the schedule and see that there are no 11am or 12pm appointments available, it’s because I have blocked them off until April.

I’ve been feeling pretty awful lately and have had some alarming health issues during the past several months, and realized that a radical self-care regimen is necessary!

So effective immediately till further notice, my temporary new schedule till April is:

Tue/Thu/Sat: 1pm-7pm.
Wed/Fri: 1pm-6pm.

*As a result, Sonny temporarily cannot take any new clients till April!*

For Sonny’s real-time schedule:

Thank you all for your patience!


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