Purple Cloud Has Now Resumed Normal Business Hours!

Hello friends, Sonny here with great news!

Normal Business Hours

Nisa and I have decided to open up our schedule to its normal times!

For the last four weeks we’ve been complying, implementing, and testing the safety and cleanliness protocols as recommended by our acupuncture governing bodies on the national and state levels (NCCAOM and ILSA), and our “test weeks” have been working wonderfully.

So as of now, our schedule is now opened up and you may now schedule your appointments freely!

Here’s the direct link to our online scheduling system:


*Please note: the company who runs my online scheduling system assured me that they’re updating their web certificates and that their site is safe. So if you receive an error message you can either feel free to continue on to the site or email us about available appointments.

Still, No New Clients!

As of right now, in order for Nisa and I to “catch up” with our current clients’ continuity of care, we have decided to continue holding off on new clients. We will not be taking in any new clients till further notice.

Building Renovations

And finally, for the month of August I have temporarily closed off the schedule for the whole month because there will be renovations upstairs. I was told their project should take about 10 days, but which 10 days, the contractors haven’t told me yet, but they will notify me ASAP so I can adjust the schedule accordingly. So check back soon!

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