Here’s a fun anti-anxiety exercise.

Stress and anxiety get the better of us sometimes. When we experience it, it can be as debilitating as a panic attack, or we make bad decisions such as finding ourselves in the kitchen eating through a gallon of ice cream. But here’s a fun but easy breathing exercise to help you get through your stress and anxiety!

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Exercise and Inner Peace.

A lot of people have fitness goals, and that’s great. But my approach to my own personal regimen is different. I’m not a competitive athlete and I don’t care how much I lift or what I look like. I have no goals when I exercise. I’m only in the moment. I feel that fitness isn’t a goal, it’s an action… it’s what you do. To me, coming from a Taoist standpoint, the act of exercise is, in itself, fitness. You’re not “trying to be healthy,” you’re simply engaging in health.

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What exactly is this “Qi?”


So… what’s this “Qi” or “Chi?”

I want to demystify this word for a few moments, though I know many of my colleagues can write a book on it. But I like to keep things short and clear.

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What is “Eastern Medicine?”

Whenever I mention the words “Eastern Medicine,” “Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM),” or “Oriental Medicine,” what do I mean?

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