The Amazing Potential Energy of Water

So many times, I’ve told friends, patients, and even my own Mom that in order to build energy, you must have water. People have always asked me why, or how I know this, and I’ve never had a clear way to explain it, other than my use of Taoist principles of Yin and Yang… that is, up until a colleague shared this Ted Talks presentation about water.

What he’s basically saying here is that water creates an environment inside of the body that provides us with plenty of potential energy. When light interacts with this water, that interaction becomes a catalyst for kinetic energy.

This means that sufficient water gives us the foundational energy to allow our bodies to function at the optimal level for healthy organ functions and muscle movement. With plenty of water, we can move, think, and feel our best and healthiest!

This also confirms my previous explanations of my use of the Taoist Yin and Yang theory. According to this scientist’s presentation, water is a foundational substance which we’re mostly made of (Yin), and provides us with potential energy (Yin). When water mixes with light (Yang), the interaction between water and light provide us with kinetic energy (Yang). When both Yin and Yang are sufficient and balanced, you’ll have the environment for optimal health (Yin-Yang homeostasis).

What a wonderful presentation. Taoism is the philosophy and lifestyle practice of understanding nature, and using that understanding to find health and happiness.

Therefore, Taoism is science, and science is Taoism.

The presenter also touches upon ways to gather more “Yin” potential energy other than water, such as juicing (which explains why I lost weight and felt so much energy, explained in this blog post), and grounding (the act of interacting with the Earth’s negatively charged energy through walking barefooted on grass).

A truly enlightening Ted Talk, please do take time to watch it, and fill up that water bottle!

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