Purple Cloud Will Be Back In Action Soon!

Hello, friends! Sonny here! Nisa and I have great news!

The Return of Purple Cloud

We’re coming back soon!





But we’ll have very limited hours and availability!





We will slowly be phasing back into practice starting with Nisa on June 14th and 15th, and me on June 16th. However, we will both be limiting our hours to specific times in order to provide us with enough time to clear and cleanse the air and all surfaces.

Till further notice, our appointment times will be as follows:

  • Nisa (Sundays and Mondays Only): 7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm
  • Sonny (Tuesday through Saturday): 11am and 4pm

My apologies for the sparseness of my availability, I’m still being very conservative as I’m considered a high-risk person, and I can get severely hurt if I get COVID-19. In addition, in order to serve my existing clients I will not be taking any new clients for some time.

I mentioned earlier this year that Purple Cloud will be raising its rates, I’ve decided put that idea on hold till further notice, as all of us has felt the financial burden of the pandemic/quarantine.

To my potential client-friends, I will keep you posted here once I decided to freely open up my schedule! And to my existing client-friends, I look forward to seeing you once again! I’ve missed you all!

To access our online scheduling system directly: https://purplecloudchicago.fullslate.com/

Black Lives Matter

I know this message is coming at a very critical time in our society. Since the very beginning, Purple Cloud has been dedicated to providing physical, emotional, and spiritual liberation for all. However, I feel that true liberation isn’t merely about healing the individual body, but supporting social and political policies that can provide healing and happiness for all people. Therefore, Purple Cloud supports and stands by the Black Lives Matter movement because we believe that there can be no true liberation for everyone until there is absolute liberation for the Black community everywhere.

Political and social support for the justice and equality for the Black community is the rising tide that will raise all ships.

For more information on Black Lives Matter, please visit:

For more on how to help the movement, visit: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/#

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