Announcement: New Services, and Price Change Delayed

Hello friends, Sonny here with another update!

Extended Closing and Reopening

It looks like Governor Pritzker has the “Stay at Home” order in place till the end of the day on April 7th (assuming tentatively), so I had to unfortunately cancel even more of your appointments. Although I’m sure I can make the argument that Purple Cloud is also an essential service in healthcare, I simply don’t have the level of equipment/PPE available to me.

But absolutely most of all, I want to play it safe and continue protecting all of us.

That being said… tentatively… April 8th is the date that Purple Cloud will be reopening!

New Service!

After years of training, testing, and refining, Nisa and I have finally decided to go public with an even more fascinating service that was once reserved only for certain clients, friends, and family (mostly for testing purpose): Distance / Remote Healings.

In short, Distance Healing treatments (also called Remote Healing) can be done if you are unable to physically come to Purple Cloud. This is a great option for whether you’re stuck at home for any reason, or if you live too far away. You may receive Energy or Shamanic Healings in the comfort of your own home or where ever you may be, as long as it’s a quiet space and will not be subject to outside distractions.

Nisa and I spent years in rigorous training under our Qigong master, as well as testing and refining this advanced skill. I spent additional time in learning how to perform Shamanic Healings from a distance as well. We’re both excited to officially offer it to you!

If you’re interested in our Distance Healing sessions, please feel free to contact either myself or Nisa and we can schedule as session with you ASAP especially during our “Stay at Home / Social Distancing” orders!

Contact Nisa:

Contact Sonny:

For more on Distance Healing sessions for both Energy and Shamanic Healings, please visit the Distance / Remote Healings Page here >

Price Change Delayed!

In a previous post, Nisa and I announced that it was time for Purple Cloud to raise its rates to reflect the amount of effort, energy, passion, care, education, and experience that we bring to each and everyone. We wanted the rates to be fair to us, but compassionate to all. But because our lives have temporarily been altered by this pandemic, we decided to change the date of the rate change from April 1st to May 1st (tentatively).

Our new rates will be the following:

Acupuncture + Energy Healing — $85 (60-90min)

Acupuncture + Cupping — $85 (60-90min)

Shamanic Healing — ($85) (Sonny only; 60-90min)

Distance Healing — ($85) (60-90min)

Needle-Free Energy Healing — $85 (Nisa only; 60min)

Acupuncture-only — $55 (25-30min)

Cupping-only — $55 (25-30min)

Thank You

Nisa and I want to thank everyone for their continued love and support of Purple Cloud, and we will continue to give you our absolute best!

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